Tribe Hero v1.4

2.1 and up

Join our uga uga caveman in his endless battle to win and protect his tribe and become their hero. Venture forth and dive into a completely new world of historic battles full of mythic creatures with all sorts of powers. You will be addicted to it immediately!
In order to reach our goal and help our hero achieve victory, you, as uga uga’s sidekick, are in charge of his loyal subjects. Eliminate all opponents, and ensure uga uga a safe passage.

Remember, reaching the far end in-game is surely to be awarded!!;)
No matter if you’re bored, sleepy, or just tired, Tribe hero is here to keep you awake and bring you countless happy moments through joy and fun.
Some of the Tribe Hero features brought to you include:
– multiple terrains
– xx units for different game styles
– clever AI
– ground-breaking in-game mechanics
– remarkable and revolutionary upgrade system
– funny and interesting story of our uga uga hero
– astonishing graphics, regardless of the device you’re playing on
– even more units in future: zombies, devils, plants… All of them are coming, and uga uga is here to make them angry 😉
– … much much more

License: Free


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