El Shaddai for Android Vol.1 v2.9.0

“It’s time, Enoch!”

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is now here on G-Gee! Consisting of 3 chapters, use the three weapons given by God wisely, and look for “Fruits of Wisdom” to find the goal.

Enoch’s long journey begins….
“You ready to leave?”
“No problem. Everything’s fine.”

This is a horizontal scrolling action game.
The player can use 3 weapons, “Arch”, “Gale”, and “Veil”, in addition to bare hands. Each weapon has its own unique properties.
When the player takes damage or falls from high places, his armor will wear down. When player takes damage without armor, he is defeated.

Look for blue items for recovery, and red items for invisibility.
Find all the “Fruits of Wisdom” needed to clear the stage.

**Registration for a free membership to G-Gee is required upon playing this game.
**Ranking functions and SNS features will be provided in the near future.

**Recommended devices: Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC Desire or newer, Motorola Droid/Xoom/RAZR Series, Sony Ericsson Xperia Series, LG Optimus Series, Pantech Vega Series
**Please note that not all Android devices are supported nor guaranteed to be supported.

License: Free




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