Dins Curse 1.010

Release Group: TE
Release Name: Dins.Curse.v1.010-TE
Release Date: 2010-11-09
Filename: tdcf110a.zip
Size: 133.18 MB (139,647,974 bytes)
Genre: Action | RPG
Published by: Soldak Entertainment
Developed by: Soldak Entertainment

The story is a familiar one, as well. The main character has been a real jerk in his past life, so a certain deity has plopped him in the middle of a new town to help make amends. Scurrying around and talking to NPCs opens up a variety of quests, which typically require you to venture into the treacherous dungeons full of nasties. There is plenty of loot to be found on these quests, which make for excellent points of gloating when you’re in cooperative mode. In truth, it’s the reward of character progression that keeps your interest piqued as you plod along, facing one danger after the next.
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